VoLTE Systems X.25 Solutions:

The VoLTE Systems X.25 Gateway is the very latest generation solution offerings to offer support and migration options to customers who still rely on X.25 for mission critical applications:

Nx22xx - X.25 Core Switch with TCP/IP and Voice evolution

Legacy services such as X.25 are still in use worldwide for a range of applications. Customers have made significant investment in equipment over many years and in the applications that depend on X.25, leveraging the specific features the service offers making it difficult or disruptive to move to alternative services.

VoLTE Systems offers the very latest technology gateway hardware coupled with its extensive experience in X.25 to offer modern day alternatives to X.25 needs, including all of the X.25 features used, over a low-cost, fully supported IP infrastructure. This will allows customers and carriers to continue providing existing legacy services whilst significantly reducing the cost of providing the service.

The X.25 Switching Services are available on the Nx2220, Nx2222 and Nx2224 platforms.

VoLTE Systems X.25 Benefits:

  • Highly Distributed Processing Architecture
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Hot Swappable Modules and Fans
  • 3 - 6 Ethernet Ports
  • 2 - 32 Serial WAN Ports running at 8Mbps
  • X.25 to TCP gateway and X.25 over TCP encapsulation (XOT)
  • Full TCP/IP services
  • TDM and VoIP Voice Services available on the same platform
  • Sophisticated prioritisation and QoS management
  • Management using SNMP, VoLTE Management GUI and CLI

Download the VoLTE Systems X.25 Solution sheet here: