VoLTE Systems SD-VOICE Appliance for SD-WAN:

The VoLTE Systems SD-VOICE virtualized appliance is the industry's first virtualized voice platform aimed at providing quality VoIP voice services over a SD-WAN network:

SD-VOICE - the solution to delivering high quality VoIP over a SD-WAN network

VoLTE Systems, alongside a number of vendors who have introduced SD-WAN technologies, have developed SD-VOICE, a vital piece of the puzzle that allows Enterprises and Service Providers to bridge the hybrid nature of voice within the enterprise. VoLTE Systems SD-VOICE is an appliance which is designed to be embedded within an SD-WAN appliance provided by the SP, ensuring that the two functions can be tightly integrated and managed as a single entity and allowing the SD-VOICE appliance to intelligently utilize the optimized paths available via the SD-WAN appliance

VoLTE Systems SD-VOICE adds a new level of flexibility to SD-WANs that can greatly enhance service availability and VoIP voice quality over conventional SIP based telephony. SD-VOICE adds a new dimension to SD-WANs by adding more than just the capabilities of a fully featured Session Border Controller (SBC) to an appliance. In addition to providing the expected VoIP session and PSTN gateway functions of a SBC Gateway, SD-VOICE adds the capability to optimize the transmission and route selection of each voice call on a call-by-call basis.

The SD-VOICE platform is available as a SOA based virtualized appliance that is available in a white labeled version for SD-WAN vendors

VoLTE Systems SD-VOICE benefits:

  • Truly disruptive platform when coupled with SD-WAN aimed at displacing incumbent router vendors
  • White labeled virtulaized appliance designed to be integrated within existing SD-WAN appliances
  • Optimize the use of Voice through patented technology
  • Can be configured to work with SD-WAN to utilize the lowest cost route whilst preserving voice quality
  • In-Built Advanced Branch Voice Survivability which can be integrated with UC platforms such as Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Voice bandwidth optimization and packet shaping
  • Multi-Tennant support for Carrier deployment and billing of Virtualized Voice Services

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SD-VOICE for the Enterprise

The Enterprise SD-VOICE Solution Sheet

SD-VOICE for Carriers

The Carrier SD-VOICE Solution Sheet