VoLTE Systems Remote Access Server (RAS) Solutions:

VoLTE RASoLTE securely connects network-ready devices, no matter what operating systems they are running, via virtual or physical device interfaces, ensuring that remote devices, IP or legacy such as low speed async modems can be readily accessed:

RASoLTE - The Ultimate RAS Solution

The VoLTE RASoLTE family is a solution to the issues facing operations needing to support legacy dialup services alongside modern IP communications for applications such as data collection. The RASoLTE system consists of an IP and dialup gateway which can connect to most types of legacy async or sync modems at any speed. The family also boasts a 3G or 4G LTE Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) that can be used to provide remote connectivity to Smart Meters or SCADA equipment where physical connectivity is not feasible.

The VoLTE Systems RASoLTE family is positioned to resolve the provision of mission critical dialup services with specifically designed and supported hardware and software. The VoLTE RASoLTE family is designed to eliminate traditional modem banks and the associated cost of PSTN lines. Importantly VoLTE RASoLTE provides a realistic and direct replacement for end of life and unsupportable RAS devices such as the Cisco AS5300, AS5350XM and the AS5400XM Universal Gateways.

The VoLTE Systems RASoLTE solution features are available on the Nx1100, Nx2220, Nx2222 and Nx2224 platforms.

VoLTE Systems RAS Benefits:

  • Excellent ROI allows customers to deploy RAS on a Dedicated Optimized Gateway via one or more T1/E1 circuits eliminating costly separate PSTN lines

Download the VoLTE Systems RASoLTE Solution sheet here: