VoLTE Systems Voice and Data Optimization:

The VoLTE VoicePAC family is a unique first of its kind multi-play voice and data gateway solution, based on our patented compression codec and extensive experience of communications over cellular and satellite networks.


VoLTE VoicePAC is specifically designed to connect remote users or workgroups to corporate voice and data resources over 3G or 4G LTE networks. VoLTE VoicePAC is an integrated all in one solution for analog or digital voice, FAX, VoIP and data traffic and supports full QoS and prioritization delivering toll quality service for voice calls no matter the traffic load.

The the VoicePAC Voice and Data Optimization features are available on the Nx1100, Nx2220, Nx2222 and Nx2224 platforms.

VoLTE Systems VoicePAC Benefits:

  • Analog Phone, VoIP, IP Data , WiFi and FAX supported out of the box
  • VoIP over 3G, 4G LTE or Satellite communications
  • Secure voice and data via a private VPN for remote offices and employees
  • Ideal solution for remote employees with no terrestrial communications
  • Industry leading patented audio quality
  • Quick ROI - Reduction in operating costs

Download the VoicePAC Solution sheet here: